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I have a 2003 GSXR 750 engine in a racecar. The engine is “stock” and has not been opened up. I have installed the engine and it seems to run excellent, but there appears to be an oil leak coming from the head gasket on the exhaust side of the block (#3 cylinder area). I did a leak down test and all 4 cylinders appear to be @ around 99%. My plan was to install a new head gasket, but I guess I don’t know enough about the internals of these type of motorcycle oiling systems—does this seem to be normal for a “bad” head gasket to leak oil? It just seems strange to me that the engine runs really good and all of the cylinders leak down excellent. I obviously do not see any cracks or something obviously wrong in the castings.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas or any suggestions.

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