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well heres my wreck story, i had my brothers 900RR and went to a buddies house. he wanted to ride the 900 so i let him while i rode his 600 f2 (p.o.s.)
we went flying down the road racing about 100 when we hit a good corner he was in front and a car was coming around the corner...young little girl..she cut the corner kinda tight so i tried to lay it down a little more to make the corner ended up slidin out went flyin down the street like i was break dacing in shorts and a t-shirt..not much left after the crash.. the bike ended up in someones front yard in there tree and i hit there dang fence ended up with all kinds of road rash and a broken collar bone. and the chik had enough nerve to stop and ask if i was ll right. lol, i tried to stand up and yell at her but i couldnt even get up on one knee. my buddy went back and got his truck to take me to the emergency room...which was hell..he had a lowered nissan..road like total crap..hurt ; hurt like hell the whole way...

the funny thing is lol my brother did the same thing a week later. except it was his knee instead of his shoulder like me....
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