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*I have copied this from another forum I am on, Posting on here, the more the marrier. this is a long ride, about 300+/- miles depending on where you are coming from.

So, after the first ride down to SD County, I think I will do the ride again Sunday 4/19 for those who didn't get a chance to attend. Historic Julian was incredible with it's old fashion look, and amazing apple pie! Palomar was so great, we are doing it twice this time! After lunch in Julian, you will be able to head home, but..., the roads ahead are beautiful and clean, unlike any other I've seen! It's a little of Palomar + Mesa Grande rd combined! There are some long straights too, but this trip is well worth it. I promise, I KNOW THE ROUTE VERY WELL THIS TIME! Please try and stay the entire ride, it will be worth your while. Great scenary and a two maybe three run up palomar! State if you are going so I post it below. Here are the details:

People who are going for sure:
Me (Erik)
KateriDesigns (Kat)
Punisher1728 (Ray-Ray)
MexicanHippie (Richard)

Chatterbox! Channel: 11-11

First Meet:
Chevron Gas Station
914 W Orangethorpe Ave.
Fullerton, CA.
8:00am (long ride ahead, must leave asap) KSU: 8:20

Second Meet
76 Gas Station
304 S Main St.
Corona, CA.
8:40am KSU: 9:00am

First Meet-up: 914 Orangethorpe Ave. Fullerton, Ca.

Take ramp onto CA-91E

Take the MAIN ST exit

Turn Right on S MAIN ST

Arrive at Second meet-up: 304 S Main St. Corona, Ca.

Take ramp onto 91E toward Riverside

Take the Barstow/San Diego exit onto I-15 S toward San Diego (go38.27 mi)

Take exit #58/Temecula Pkwy

Bear Left on Temecula pky (CA-79)

Turn Right on Pechanga Pky (CR-S16 S)

Continue on CR-S16

Turn Left on Pala Mission Rd. (CR-S16)

Turn Left on CA-76 (go 13.50 mi)

Continue on S then E Grade Rd (PALOMAR MOUNTAIN!!!)

Left on HWY 76 (go 2.5 mi)

Bear Right on Center Loop

Bear Right on Mesa Grande Rd (.10 mi) (MESA GRANDE!!!)

Bear Left on Mesa Grande Rd (5.4 mi)

Turn Right on HWY 79

*GAS stop

Turn Left on Julian Rd.

Continue on Hwy 78

Turn Left on Main Street (LUNCH!!! 2307 Main St.)

Start on Main St. gong toward Washington St.

Continue on Hwy 78 (20 mi)

Turn Left on Yaqui Pass Rd. (CR-S3 26 mi)

Bear Left on Deep Well TRL

Bear Left on Borrego Springs Rd. (30 mi)

At Christmas Circle dr., take 5th exit onto Palm Canyon Dr.

Continue onto Palm Canyon Dr toward Ocotillo Circle

Turn Left on Montezuma Valley Rd.

Turn Right on San Felipe Rd.

Turn Right onto CA-79

Take ramp onto I15 N toward Riverside/L.A.

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when did yall make your last ride down here?? Was it on a saturday?

Also if you look at He takes pictures up there every weekend.

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Yea ive seen you up there the photos you take....saw you up there like 3 or 4 weekends ago when there were tons of cops!

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Alright I'm in :cool: I'll meet you guys at the 76 in Corona.
cool :thumbup: glad someone from this forum is joining us! hey... you may want to jump on so you can see who your going to be seeing in corona. I will be meeting in fullerton and then riding over to corona with others. you will meet BJ (white ZX10), Ray (R1) and Kat (Ninja idk). I'm sure more people are meeting in Corona, i just don't know forsure who all is lol. See you Sunday! it's gonna be a blast! We should have about 15 riders right now. :arsenal
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