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I have a 99 srad 750 that was getting really low compression, like 90psi when its supposed to be 180 or so.. either way i took the head and the cylinders off and cleaned it all up, honed the cylinders and put most of it back together. just waiting on head gasket to get here already to put head back on and it will be ready to ride again!

BUT... i looked at the part number of the piston rings that the shop ordered me.. and there might be a problem.. My rings are supposed to be part number 33e00 and i got part number 33e20.. And by looking at breakdown diagrams.. the 33e20 are for bike models t/v and 33e00 are for bike models w/x.. And my bike model is X due to the fact its a 99. (96-t 97-v 98-w 99-x)..
Are these rings different enough for it to matter? ive been told that they arent really different enough to matter the way the bike runs or performs, its just the way the dealer parts everything out in different numbers.

if anyone has experience in this let me know!! thanks.
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