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Ok so here is the deal. A friend of mine got a crashed 600 08 and im fixing it up for him. I came across one or 2 problems that are driving me insane.
1st one is that I cant figure out where a harness plug goes. The plug is on the throttle bodies side where the injectors are. Basically the plug is attached along the 2nd fuel injector. There is the top injector, the lower, the thermostat and then the one that I cant figure where the hell it goes. I LOOKED EVERYWHERE and cant find where it goes. Does anybody know or can take a pic or even know what its called or does?

2nd problem is that there are 2 hoses that go attached under the tank, I believe thay are called breather hoses. Well one of them has a "T" attached to it and on it, there is another small tube. Dont know where that goes eithier.

I took apart my 2006 600 but it is different on the 2008.

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