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Well here I am in a bit of a pickle. I have a 2008 gixxer 750 that I have put a power commander USBIII and a full racing Akro pipe on and a Heal Tech ignition retarder. The problem being that there is no wire "29" on the ecu on a 08 gixxer to cut to stop flashing up a code when you put on an aftermarket pipe. Secondly when the power is connected to the heal tech it will show my gear that I am in but it is also showing a code that say 5d. That is what it looks like anyways. I have tried to find it in the manual but to no avail. That is why I am here to chat at someone way smarter then me and so I do not have to give some slime ball 100$ an hr to check it out for me. I am not a new guy when it comes to gixxers but this has got me stumped. Can anyone please give me there 2 cents worth. I could way use it
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