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This all started after updating my PC3 to 2.3.2. I was having a problem with my multi-hub only triggering an output at 13800 RPMS. So I updated the firmware in the PC3 to see if it would fix my problem since Dynojet didnt set the parameters that high on the multi hub, i figured maybe they fixed it with the newest update. Well after I updated my PC3 I went for a ride and I hit a brick wall at 10k rpms at wot. If I let off the throttle a little it will go to about 12k or so. These are all the things I have done to try and figure it out in order....

Flashed PC3 back to 2.3.0
New spark plugs (Tips were white!)
Adjusted TPS
Swapped the ISC Valve
Swapped the Clutch Switch
Unplugged the Secondary Valve (to see if it was choking the bike)
Unplugged PC3 and Multi-Hub

I don't know what else to do. I have some extra coils but I don't think that is the problem because the bike still runs great below 7-8k RPMS. There are absolutely no FI codes.

Has anyone ever played with an SDS tool? Do you know if that will tell what is going on? Seems like the bike is in a fail safe mode but Im not sure if thats what happens when fail safe is activated.

Any help is greatly appreciated. My bike only has about 1k miles on it. Cant warranty, too many mods. Just so no one waste their breath in telling me to take it in for warranty. My friend has the same bike as me so if I need to test something out I can. Thanks again!

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I know you aren't suposed to flash when the bike is on. Only flash using the 9V adapter. I don't think the software gives an option to update the firmware unless you are only running on 9v but might be wrong. If the bike is on the pc3 holds onto the old firmware and wont dump it because its loaded if the bike is on. Just make sure its fully loaded before shutting down the process.

I think it's best to wait for it to finish then disconnect everything and start from scratch if you want to read what's up in it by turning on the bike. IE letting the pc3 reboot with the new firmware fresh from scratch like a computer cold boot where you have it off long enough for the memory to dump while the resitors drain off power so that the memory of old stuff dumps out.

I hope you didn't get the california firmware or harley ones. I noticed when I was in a hurry and not knowing their specific terms for firmware versions it was a choice listed to download and not a feasable download to put in the pc3. I figure just go from scratch again till things straighten ot while emailing their support guys. They are normally pretty quick on answers and trouble shooting if it is a rare problem.
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