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So I've recently come off a one month underway and today while headed home from work, I caught a nail in the rear tire of my GSXR. So I parked it, trucked it home, and while it's layed up, I decided to get my DR out.

It didn't go too far, or very far at all. Probably the first time I tried to start it in about 3 months, battery was dead, woohoo! I tried to jump it off the gixxer, worked fine as far as I can tell, cept after it fires, it won't go more than 2 seconds before it dies.

I drained and refilled the tank with fresh 93. Drained and allowed the bowl to refill. Checked the air filter for a bird's nest, clean. The oil was changed 200mi / 4 months ago with semi-synth 10w40 and the level is good, still amber. Checked both plugs and both have fat blue spark, no fouling. It looks like it's running a little rich but it's just dark, no film.

The starter motor turns fine, it starts with the choke on, runs for maybe 2-3 seconds and then dies. It's done this several times, all day. It's an 08 DR650SE with 3500mi, ran perfect 3 months ago.

It sounds strong for those couple seconds, if that means anything at all. The only thing I can think of would be that the battery is so dead that it just can't continue to run, even with it jumped. I'm not very educated on electrical stuff, so that could be entirely wrong, but just in case, I've got a maintainer on order (something I should have had in the first place).

Any other ideas/suggestions would be appreciated, I don't want to have to drive my truck to work!
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