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Just got the pcIIIusb for my 07 1k. They have alot of custom maps on line but not my specific one. I could use the map for stock bike but dont want to. I have the yosh r-77 single side slip. Cat removed and removable baffle out.

They told me to use the one for the leo vince single slip, cat removed. /// And that should be fine or close enough. While I can say ok and just use that one I wanted to ask if anyone with same bike and set-up has tried that or knows what works best besides bringing it in and paying to have it done.

Thanks in advance. and I also put a TRE and very nice difference in the bike so far with the TRE. Definate more on the bottom and also smoother or not quite as hurky jurky. So thats all a plus so far and now I will add the PCIII. Hope some you have answer about my map question. Thanks
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