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Trying to install a carbon fiber front fender, and the upper fairing , the one between the headlight and windscreen..

but I don't know how to install either of them really, Do I need to remove the front wheel to install the fender?

And what is needed in removing the upper fairing? I know you take the windscreen off which is simple, but then what?

Thanks. I also have some questions on installing these carbon fiber heelguards I've got, the bolts are SO DAMN tight I can't get my old ones off. Even with the tightest fitting hex wrench it will just strip before coming off...

it sucks ill have to go to a shop to get these rather simple things on if I can't do it :p

I have some other parts but I already know how to install them, such as the tail section left and right, seat cowl... stuff like that.

I just made $300 today trying to figure out what to spend it on, maybe a carbon fiber windscreen to match the upper fairing and the rest (pic doesn't have any of the good pieces in it really).. I just wonder how often I use my wind screen is usually so rare, just peeking over the top of it is the same really.. so I doubt not having a usable windscreen will bother me much but still thinking about it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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