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Well yesterday was my first trackday ever out at beaverun and it was an awesome experience, can't wait for my next one.

I learned soo much about riding on a track, although i can say im a seasoned motocross rider the asphalt was something new, and after my second session i had my knees down and thought i was a pro and asked for tips from the cr's well turned out i was doin too much with my lower body and not enough with my upper.

by the end of the day i know i improved a huge amount, my lap times had gone down a huge amount (and my bike wasn't being leaned over nearly as much because of body positioning)as it was it the morning which was allowing me to carry a lot more speed.

for anyone out there who hasn't done a track day DO IT!!! Nesba is a great organization, and I plan on doin as many as my wallet can allow this summer
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