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There are strict rules in here. Read them before posting.

Do not bash anyone. If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. IF you bash someone you will be banned. It is a rule in all threads but it is strictly enforced in this forum. No comments like "another squid bites the dust" or "should have had on his gear."

Only serious posts. If you want to make a joke take it somewhere else this is a Tribute to people that have died and were close to us.

This is not only for bikers, it is also for close friends or family.. You can post about a friend or relative even if they didn't ride. We are here to help and you are here because you ride. It can also be someone you heard about but didn't know to be informative. If you think we should know about it, post it.

All the normal rules apply but the "be nice" rule is very strict in here. If your opinion of what someone did is bad then don't post. Negative posts should be taken somewhere else. Negativity is not needed here. We respect our fallen bretheren and family members.

Example: A person gets killed and hurts or kills a rider on the back or fellow rider. You can say that they should not have been doing it but if you even have to tink if you should post it or not then do not post it. IF you don't know then pm me and I will tell you. Don't post if you think it could be bashing. Pm me first and ask me.

Thank you for supporting our site

RIP to all our Fallen Bretheren.

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