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August 2 2009

My local club i ride with (Redline Superbike) is co-hosting sportbike day in Stockbridge, MI. One local community has recognized that sportbikes make up a lot of there traffic (well 90% of their traffic) asked us to promote the area. We're getting vendors to join in the festivities and there will be a stunt show.

Redline Superbikes will have a cople tents set up with tv's playing some of our group rides, track days, and pictures from the past years to promote that not all sportbike riders are shit heads, and are responsible in riding. We will also have 20+ of our bikes on display, including our street and track bikes. We will also be giving away a FREE trackday thru STT (sportbike track time has generously donated a free trackday to our club (we get them monthly), so we in turn will be raffling one off the day of the event).

we have quite a few vendors going to be setting up booths and tents. Allstate insurance, Macomb powrsports, L7 motorsports, and alot more other businesses will be setting up booths.

This is a FREE event to attend.

if you would like to become a vendor, space is limited and filling up fast. a booth (you must provide the ez-up) will be 50.00. paid before the event. you can sell what ever you want, parts, tires, shirts, ect. We will also have space available for trailers.

also, at the end of the event, we will be having a group ride after hitting the twisties.

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