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"search" function issues.....

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Is it just me or is the "search" function on this site almost impossible to find what your looking for?

I search for things I know for a fact are in here and that I have seen before in the past and cant find them for nothing!

WTF... I hate reposts just as much as the next guy but I see why they do it now.
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yeah, i know what you mean....this thing sucks at searches. i searched for throttle position sensor adn tps the other day and nothing...waited 20 minutes and all of a sudden...POW!! a ton of em! maybe those posts were on break or something...i'll try that other one..but maybe the mods should check into that?? :thumbup:
I hear you, but it's a function of the software itself. JPG's search suggestion actually works quite well. There is a Google search window at the top, too.
ahhh, well i'm a full time student after 13 years of being an electrician on F-15's in the air that's the long way of saying no. i don't right now...but i always appreciate an, um, not so good potato joke though! lol it's been nice so far...until recently, but we're one of the few places that still has some jobs, and a lot of open roads for sure! i was just wondering how you guys get to spend so much time on here and work a reg job. :thumbup:
Don't ask, don't tell....
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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