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Steering damper

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I haven't had a need for anything that goes beyond the Showa suspension on my gsxr, But from experience with pit bikes and Super moto's if that time ever come's I will be going with Ohlins.

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Thread dig here! It's on topic though;

I've never had a speed wobble, or God forbid a tank slapper on this bike. But while I had side plastics off, I removed the front under cowling, that little plastic thing bolted to the bottom of the bottom triple clamp, and removed my stock steering dampner.

When I would move the piston, it had up to a 1 cm little play area, and made a little noise like maybe air bibbles going thru it.
After reading a few more threads on it, and watching a few short YOutubes,
I decided I would use what I had laying around and try to 'bleed' my dampner.

I read alot of threads about using 20wt for oil, etc.
My dampner still worked well pushing the piston- lots of resistance, and a little gap/air in it as I mentioned.
Because I'm not fixing any head shake issues, instead of removing what was in there, and re filling with what ever weight fork oil- I used a little bit of 5wt I had left over from my fork rebuild a few years ago.

As you can see from the picture- I did NOT use the immersion of the whole thing technique- NTTATWWT.
I used that little plastic cone (ear speculum)
It fits perfectly in the little hole, you can see 2mm allen and the screw too.
Because I wasn't replacing all the fluid/oil, I only needed a sealed thing with a small amount of oil in it to watch the bubbles come out, etc.- Oh, they did come out!
That is a 3cc syringe I also had laying around to fill the little funnel with.
After working the piston back and forth many times, tilting both ways, adding .5-1cc of oil in the little funnel, I got it where no more little bubbles, and no play in the movement, like a gap with an airt bubble.

If you are looking for a different feel, most concensus was to use 20 wt fork oil.

No, there are no other adjustments on these units- except changing the wt of fluid, and bleeding the air out.
For me, this unit works well. I was suprised to feel how much reistance there is when manually pushing the piston, even before I bled the air out!

Befause I was only bleeding air, and adding a small amount of fork oil- this was a FREE mod/upgrade for me.
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