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Ive heard horrible things about bikes being stolen in broad daylight in the DFW area. Can someone shed some light on the dos and fonts for the metroplex? where to stay away from? preventative advice? Im afraid to park mine anywhere:shifty

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A friend of mine's bike got stolen recently. If you have any leads, PM me and i'll get you in contact with him immediately.

Well folks, as of last night (Nov 7, 2012), my motorcycle has been stolen by some asshole(s) (believe me, that is the nicest word I could fathom). Since I did not foresee this happening when selecting insurance (I figured Round Rock was not the place to steal motorcycles), I did not get theft coverage. Thus, it is primarily up to me to track it down so I do not end up completely out and screwed over. And I can only do so much, and I would appreciate any help. "How can I help?" you might ask. "Ah, here, let me tell you!" a sleep deprived me says.

When a motorcycle is stolen, one of two things usually happens:

The first, and easy one, is when the thief is dumb enough to sell the entire motorcycle as is on craigslist or eBay. This is dumb because generally people do customizations to their motorcycles, and mine was not spared in this expense. I will go over these customizations in a bit. These posts often have the motorcycle for extremely cheap (mine should realistically go for around $4,000-$5,500, a stolen one would usually go for $2,000, for example), and are really short with not so good grammar. They often mention things such as "This bike needs to go fast!" or "I just had a baby (well maybe if you used birth control you wouldn't have to steal other people's bikes) and need to get rid of this!". It is pretty easy to get a certain feeling about these posts. I would give real examples, but they get removed. I also doubt this will be the case, especially since I still have the keys.

The second, and more difficult option is when the thief(s) disassemble the motorcycle and sell the individual parts. Even with all of the customization, it can be difficult to pinpoint if a certain part belongs to my motorcycle. This option has it's own cruel humor to it because most parts of my motorcycle are in what can at best be described as decent condition. As far as these posts, they may list the year (can be interchangeable, depending on the year), or just the bike model itself.

So, after all of that, if you want to still help me, the best way to do so is to both keep watch and spread the word. The link to Austin motorcycles on craigslist is and the link to eBay local is . The link to eBay (sport bikes) motorcycles is

So here is the general information about my bike. I have created a color coded picture to point out what I am going to be talking about (with the comparison of the stock version), located here, followed by the original without circles everywhere:

Make and Model: Suzuki GSX-R600. It looks the exact same as a GSX-R750, so be weary.

Year: 2007, which also looks the exact same as a 2006.

Mileage: Around 23,XXX-24,XXX miles.

License plate #: 4MV076

Visual modifications:
Yellow: Removal of all stickers (hence multiple yellow circles), and scratched/cracked fairing primarily on the right side. There is also a crack on the tank fairing on the left side.
Blue: Red metal levers and handlebar ends. The right side ones also have the ends grinded away from scary times.
Dark grey: The windshield is black
Brown: There are LED strips visible under the headlight and tail section.
Red: Reflective rim tape around the wheels. Also, an annoying sounding Two Brothers exhaust that make it way too loud.
Purple: Black tank grippers on the sides of the tank (think where legs touch tank)
Pink: Passenger footstands have been painted black, but are chipping a little
Light grey/white: The passenger seat has scuffs that expose the foam underneath
Not pictured/not too visible: Lowered kickstand so the bike leans over more, reversed shift pattern aka "Moto GP shift pattern", aftermarket "fender eliminator" license plate bracket that doesn't have room for inspection and angles it toward the ground.

I know that is quite the novel, but it is all of the useable information I can give. If you see anything, give me a call. If you don't have my number, send me a message or ask someone who does have my number. If you want to recruit others into my battle against injustice, share this so others can see. Please, get the word out. I will be forever grateful.

When I spoke to the police, they informed me that there wasn't a lot they could do. They told me it is most often the owners who locate their motorcycles. So, my friends, justice is at hand. Help in in bringing down that hammer upon the less than human creatures that made the mistake of doing this to me.

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STOLEN 05 gsxr 600 help

My bike was stolen Friday night
Around 10:15 pm to 2 am in arlington tx in front of
Mavericks place near to Uta 903 benge drive
Bike it's original color blue but previous owner painted black with spray paint & decide to throw some plastiip dip on it
Bike has fairing zip ties
Hid light only high bins work
Speedometer don't work
Lunches plate 4XZ208 white lid lights on it
Yoshimura exhaust has a hit like bend from previous owner laying it down ,power commander III
Brand new tires
Led lights green and yellow for turn signals
White seats
If you see it please contact me at 682 240 6638 aaron
I have cash as a reward
Bike was seen around mesquite tx on a black trailer getting pulled by a dark blue c10 anymore info will be appreciate it !


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2007 gsxr 750

My bike was stolen 3 weeks ago in Houston Tx. Picture of the bike is on my profile pic.

I am offering $1,000 cash reward to whoever helps me recover the motorcycle. :(

Name of the person is known as "Polar Mann" who you can search on facebook. AA male about 5'9", long dreads, some silver teeth and about 160 lbs.

Straight pipe exhaust (Loud)
Orange Fairings
Orange rear wheel
White HIDs
Single seater
VIN#: JS1GN7DA672106036
Expired Plates: 3YY849
Mileage: 11,000 +/-

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You know who stole it, around Houston?

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Question is how do you know thats the guys name? Certainly not much to go on from that FB page, no info or activity. If you know for certain contact the police and give them the facebook page with his picture.
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