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Hey guys....
I'm new to the forum and obviously retarded. I bought a powers subframe cage and tried to install it today on my 2007 gsx-r600. The kit came with 4 bolts and then two other bolts in the pegs. I initially couldn't get the old setup off so I thought the tail piece had to come off. I removed the bolts that connected the tail piece to the frame and still couldn't get it off. Then I searched and found the the bolts were just tight and I got them off. When I went to put the frame bolts back in, they just stripped out everytime I tried to turn them. So I used the 4 extra bolts that came with the kit and they were the right size. I put them in and now my tail piece isn't tight and it rattles thought the bolts are as tight as possible. Did I do something wrong? What should I do?

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