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frankiethefish said:
last year I had a gs 500f and I learned to do wheelies and I think that I want to try to do them on my new gixxer! well I want to know, like when everyone got there new bike did they start stunting on them or they had like a older gixxer for stunt purposes only??? Now should I get beat up plastics and do them then or what, everyone is going to stunt someday and i want to try a few things. I think its bullshit if people come on the site and say its crazy to stunt when in the back of your mind you want to try it as well and to scared to ask people about it.

Being a college student a have a short limit of funds :laughingr I think I may wait till I can get like a 95 0r 96 gixxer to practice on, what do you guys think? If you have stunted on your newer or brande new bike how did you feel about it?

Ya I stunted on my new 04 1000 and Ya I wrecked it :damn: , luckily not too bad just a right side fairing, a pipe, and a crank case cover! I think it is all up to you, I was soooo pissed when I dumped it and I was really mad at myself but I got it fixed off of parts on ebay, I wish I would have never dumped it though! But I still bust my little wheelies and stuff now and again! :bike: I guess if you want to try a bunch of sick shit then ya should get a stunt bike to practice on, but remember just cause you have practice on a stunt bike doesn't mean you won't dump your gsxr doing those stunts! Remember what they say "Shit Happens"!!! You could buy a stunt bike on ebay or something if you have the cash, my hubby and I have thought about doing that but I don't know... we are not all serious about stunting or anything when we use to ride in Farmington we use to do the whole video tape ,riding ,stunting and having fun stuff, it was cool and luckily no one ever thrashed their bike or got hurt. :thumbup:
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