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Does anyone know the threaded-end diameter of 2006 GSX-R600 front fork Damper Rod, part number 6 in the below diagram?

I am custom-fabricating a tool, used during fork seal replacement, that threads onto the rod while I am adding fluid, so I can manually pump the Damper Rod up & down to work the air bubbles out of the fluid. The tool I am describing will have a female threaded end and will attach to the male threaded end of the Damper Rod.

I do not have my fork taken apart yet so I cannot verify the size. I am making this tool in anticipation of needing to service the forks in the future. I understand I can buy this tool from Partzilla for $37 (part no. 09940-52841), but I know I can make it for 1/4 that, plus I enjoy shop/tool building/fabricating.

Thanks for the help.


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