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We recently got rid of most all out TV channels. AT&T local /basic only now with internet.

Well, we have Netflix (wife mostly uses), so I plugged a HDMV (what ever it is) from my lap top to my 45" TV screen.
Computer, etc. on this now.

So, I searched Amazon Prime for freebie shows.
I've been watching many of the Motorcycle racing ones, HItting the Apex, Why we ride, etc.
I watched this shorter one from an onboard 132Mph avg. lap time.
Tt 2014 On-Bike: Bruce Anstey

It's free with Amazon Prime, probs Netflix too.

Amazing Ride!

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I haven't seen that. I will have to look it up. Faster is a great TT documentary on Netflix. I am a Youtube junkie. These two videos can make me cry they are so well done.

Guy Martin, nuf said.

Never was an Imagine Dragons fan but this version of the song is better IMO and matches the video well.
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