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I've basically just spent so much money on it, but I am already wanting to tally up a list of future mods. I sold a huge gun collection consisting of stuff like an AR-15 with Aim point laser sight, new XD9mm, Glock 19, etc to put into my bike. I always like knowing what I'm going to buy in the future for my bike so I have a long time to search for the best price, and read a lot on forums about the product and pros and cons, and so on. So I'd love suggestions from everyone, whether its visual mods or performance mods. Keep in mind you need to picture my bike with the rear tail section and cowl in carbon fiber, and the taylormade exhaust on with carbon fiber trim, and the carbon fiber frame sliders, upper headlight fairing in carbon fiber, windscreen in carbon fiber, carbon fiber front fender, and the gas tank will be covered in carbon fiber grip on the left and right side, and down the middle with the suzuki carbon fiber tank pad protector.. rubber frame plugs, carbon fiber-look oil cap/brake res cap, and a few others these are all mods not in the picture at the bottom, so try to picture it with all that on as well and then go ahead and suggest away! Thanks. Opinions on how it looks are welcome too even if they're that you don't like it, just be cool about it. Also opinions on what you would of done instead of spending so much on making it look better, I know a lot of you would prefer performance mods, so let me know what you might of bought so I can consider it for down the road.

Anyways here's my bike currently and the current mod list, a lot of the good stuff on this list has been shipped and is like 2 days from being here, or is in my room and I just have to take it to my friend with stands to put on (like this beautiful carbon fiber front fender im staring at just dieing to put it on.. but it seems like I have to remove my front wheel to do so.. can't do it without a stand)

The link above is a direct link to a Imageshack Gallery with two photos of my bike. I will also attach a photo to the next post I post, I had originally posted the pictures here but it made my text all messed up alignment wise.

Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger
Carbon Fiber Fender
Carbon Fiber HeelGuards
Carbon Fiber Tank Fairing
Carbon Fiber Look Mirrors w/Smoke Signals
Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
Carbon Fiber Frame Sliders (LockHeart ones) with Black Anodizied ends)
Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
Carbon Fiber Suzuki GSXR Tank Pad
Carbon Fiber Suzuki GSXR Tank Grip (Kind of rare, never seen b4)
Carbon Fiber Suzuki GSXR Shock Crown Trim
Carbon Fiber Suzuki GSXR Gauge Trim
Carbon Fiber Windscreen w/Black GSXR on left and right sides
Carbon Fiber Upper Headlight Fairing
Carbon Fiber Tail Fairings, Left and Right
Carbon Fiber Cowl w/OEM Mounting Gear
Carbon Fiber SUZUKI Cowl Sticker (Silver)
Carbon Fiber-look alike Oil/Brake Caps
Carbon Fiber Taylormade Trim
Renthal Grips
Pazzo Short Adjustable Levers
Custom Orc GSXR Sticker
Fender Eliminator Kit
Rubber Frame Plugs
Power Commander USB III w/TaylorMade Map
Set Valve Disabled and set default open
Rear Spiked Spools/Sliders
Scorpio I900 Alarm w/RFID
Yoshi Barends
Suzuki Gel Seat


KBC Gun Slinger Helmet
KBC VR-2 Iridium Visor
Chatterbox XBI Bluetooth
Alpinestar Leather Jacket
Alpinestar Pants
Alpinestar Carbon Fiber Gloves
Icon Superduty Boots

These are my future mods so far that I can think of possibly doing, the only one I'm not sure of is wave rotors because their so rediculous in price (like $600-$700) and function the same as stock, they do look awesome but I might postpone that mod if I can get something that might add performance and functionality with visual..

Future (in this order, would change if suggestions are good):
K&N Air Filter
Brake Resevoir Carbon Fiber Cover
Carbon Fiber Swingarm Protector
Carbon Fiber Frame Protector
Carbon Fiber Engine Case covers, both sides.
Suspension Professionally Tuned (set for 220-230lb rider im 140 :/)

Was going to get SS lines, adjustable sato rearset, air filter, stuff like that.. but decided since I'm not riding as hard as I did on my cbr (mainly due to my suspension being out of tune I think, I can't get into corners like my CBR did..) that im going to go with more show less go on this bike.

Thanks for reading.

and a quick question -

Anyone here with a lower horsepower nitrous shot on their bike? How is this on the motor? a wet kit, not dry. This seems like the most performance for dollar performance mod but I do not like the idea of wrecking my bike, so give me some of your knowledge on wet nitrous kits on 600's, lower horsepower shots, maybe 25 horsepower? I don't know what is considered low really either so that'd be nice to know. I think it'd be a lot of fun once in awhile to spray, not to mention I'm sure I could find a nice spot for a purge kit.

Also how much do turbo kits run on bikes? Without installation and with, just guesstimation would be fine. I had a turbo on my old 370 horsepower car and I could only dream of the feeling of the turbo boost kicking in on a bike.

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+1 on the stainless steel brake lines. i have an 06' 1k gsxr w/black silver combo and the s.s. lines give way more feel and they look great w/that color combo!! :thumbup:
ive always wondered if you really feel a difference, alot of people say do it but dont emphasize the difference other then stopping them from expanding..

So you lock up your brakes less>? Like when I'm coming up to a light for example, sometimes ill try to brake feeling it hit the rotor, slowly , but it will just lock .. like it has no "play" in the brake handle, its either off, on a little, or on full.

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Anyone who knows where frame and swingarm carbon fiber covers are at for a 06 GSXR let me know, would love to get some prices those would be perfect for my bike , in the future after ss lines and adjustable rearset.

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Didn't see SS lines in your list of mods or future mods might try those b4 you go buying insanely expensive rotors
True that. get some SS Lines!

STOP is more important than the GO, imo.

You might also want to look into some carbon fiber honey mustard to go with your chicken strips.:yumyum::D
:yumyum: :yumyum: :yumyum:


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Also, what did you use to smoke the signals on the mirrors?????????? i dont want something too dark cuz passing inspections in MA sucks :2up

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lol on chicken strip remark

I don't feel confident enough to get into corners, the bike is set for a 220 - 230 lb rider and I'm 140 lbs.

My cbr had no problems getting real low in corners..

I rather wait til I get it tuned right then dump it taking it too far.

I also washed the wheels earlier and didn't ride much other then a straight line to my friends, but I do have chicken strips on my tires lately because of the suspension making me feel iffy about leaning in.

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Changed my future mod list, deleted some stuff..

added some stuff, thanks to suggestions from this thread.

Buying carbon fiber engine cases for both sides in the next few days from ocdracing something like that can't remember name exactly..

and when I can find them swingarm / frame protector in carbon fiber is what ill be saving up for next >.>
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