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I just finished building my 2003 gsxr 750 that is running in a Midget Racecar. I cut a little bit off the head and took all the valves out and cleaned/lapped them. The head came out really nice for the first time that I have done anything like this. I put the motor back together and the thing runs like a champ, but it is definitely smoking. Of course I didnt bother listening to the manual when it said to replace the valve oil seals (because it says that about ever damn gasket and seal in the motor). Now I guess I am really wishing I replaced them when I had the head all apart. I did a leakdown test and all cyliders are sealing up almost perfect. When I look into the ports, I can see the valves that seem to be leaking oil. I ordered a set of the APE valve seals and am going to pull the head and put them in.

My question is: does anyone have any advice for installing these? Anyone done it before? Seems like it should be relatively simple. The onlyproblem is that you cant reach in there with your if anyone has done this and used a makeshift tool or anything, I'd love to hear what works best. Now I am scared that these little things are very delicate, so I want to be as gentle as possible putting them in.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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