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This is a bit of a jumble to understand but I'm guessing the cam chain tensioner or a guide failed and the engine jumped timing.

Your description of "my cam chain was bunched up" is not a good sign. My other guess is you are dealing with bent valves now.
^My view too.

@Gixxerrunner12 , take the steps to check the valves, being to remove the cam cover. When you do that, you'll see the camsahft gears and camchain from the top, along with the guides. If they look fine, you can then check if the valve timing is correct. It is explained in detail both in the service manual and on youtube.

If it is all slack but the chain and guides are OK, you might have a failed cam tensioner, did you replace with OE Suzuki or someting else? Again you will have give yourself access to assess all these things.

There is zero else to do as a next step, AFAIK, you are probably already hammering the pistons into the valves and wrecked it by trying to bodge a solution rather than doing it properly.
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