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Which of these pipes lets the tank run empty? Pics included, can anyone identify the hose?

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Hey all, thanks in advance for the help. Got a '99 750 here, been sitting for 2 years. (premium fuel in it though thankfully).

I wanna get the old fuel and whatever other junk is in there drained out before I fill her up and start her again.

Which one of these hoses do I detach to let the tank run empty? Does anyone know?
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I agree with hyde whyte , just remove the supply line from the fuel rail and turn your key on I'm not sure if your bike has time out switch on the pump, which will only let the pump cycle for so long without the pressure switch shutting the pump off? If it does time out, just turn the key off and cycle the pump again until it's drained, you might want to hook a charger to the battery though, keep in mind if you do hook a charger up , be careful not to touch the charger clamps, you don't want any kind of sparks around gas fumes!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts