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Which of these pipes lets the tank run empty? Pics included, can anyone identify the hose?

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Hey all, thanks in advance for the help. Got a '99 750 here, been sitting for 2 years. (premium fuel in it though thankfully).

I wanna get the old fuel and whatever other junk is in there drained out before I fill her up and start her again.

Which one of these hoses do I detach to let the tank run empty? Does anyone know?
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The hose in the first picture is the fuel pump connection, however, I don't think it flows fuel when disconnected as I recall.

The hoses in the second picture just look like the vent and scupper drain hoses.

Honestly, it would be easier to just siphon out what you can then fill with fresh fuel.
Cheers, but I was hoping to let all the muck and dirt that's undoubtedly at the bottom of the tank after so long flow out with it. Who knew it was so hard to let a fuel tank drain out.
Do actually see dirt/muck on the bottom of the tank? You can see the bottom of the tank on most of these bikes pretty well through the fuel filler port.

If you do see stuff, it is best to pull the tank, remove the fuel pump and flush the filters. You can clean the tank well with the pump out also.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts