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As planned, I started the day watching MotoGP live yesterday morning at a friends home, ex racer and still races his Supermoto, and Ice racer. Awesome home theater, 10 ft screen, etc. This screen is about 25ft away.

Then we rode over to Madison WI, to meet others for a planned ride- by the most serious types around.
We met at a Coffee shop just down the street form the capital of WI.

From here, we rode back roads all the way to the lunch meeting spot in Rockton WI.
We even had to take a Ferry over a river, and then we all stopped so a woman could fix a loose frame slider.
We stopped several times during the ride, including to eat that awesome BBQ chicken lunch!

*Edit- the three guys in the front left in full gear- are some Fast, knee/elbow draggin' mofos. Middle left guy in the white and black APS is 58- a mere kid LOL. (I'm 60)

I love this shot of the group, everyone dressed for the occasion.

At this point wed had 19 riders, 4 had went back at this point.
We eventually did the infamous 'Wildcat Mountain' ride. This short section of road (about 3 mi?), looks exactly like the Tail of the Dtagon! Tight corners, mountainside and all.
There were LOTS of great twisty roads on the way there and back NW of Madison WI, were we were riding.

The 'organizers' of this ride, are from the 'Church of Go'- a small group of Sport bike Riders mostly from WI, who get together some in WI, but go in large groups to Deals Gap, or Georgia to ride, a few times a year!

One of them- Tommy, gave a short spiel before we started about how 'we are not racing, at all times, ride at your pace, etc.
We eventually stopped in Rockton for the lunch (huge place, hundreds of bikes there, mostly all cruisers- the the Power Rangers rode up LOL);
When we got to the lunch spot, they mentioned that this was the very first time they did this that no one crashed!
They mentioned people have lost their lives on this ride! At that point, I was very glad I didn't crash and burn.


All the Harley riders at this stop were friendly, but looked at us like we were some kind of weirdos too! Dressed like Power Rangers.

I don't have a GoPro sytle camera, so I can't show you the beautiful scenery in this part of Western WI. Hills, cliffs, streams and rivers, farms, dairy farms (phew-we), reall ybeautiful.

I know many of you live and ride in areas as good or better too. This is a great time of year in WI, a month of two before fall.

I was happy with myself that I rode well, stayed in my lane at all times, did not cause anyone else to alter their ride, felt pretty comfortable most all the time. Feeling comfortable is a little more difficult when it's a new to you corner, and you can't see thru the corner to size up the whole thing. Woods and/or tall corn fields made that tough a lot of the time.
I kept telling my self 'Look at the inside and thru the corner'. When the going got really fast and cornering quickly, I kept myself from loosing concentration and never looked at the outside of the corner when it counted.
It's even more difficult when the 'Church of Go' group pretty much all have these special knee sliders with titanium rods in them! So when the drag knee, sparks go flying!! Really hard to concentrate when they're ahead near you and the sparks start flying! When I first saw it- I thought someone low sided! LOL

It was an AWESOME ride, with many really fast riders.
Great Group though, everyone got along like we were friends for years.

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The Church of Go video site- 5 videos in all.
I've seen a few of them, pretty cool I think

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