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Wire harness behind left fairing

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I’ve joined this bike community only a month ago and learning stuff as I go so please bare with me, I went out to start my 06 gsxr 750 when I turned the key everything works and looks normal except the RPM gauge doesn’t work and the digital stuff doesn’t show but the back light was working so I googled a bit and someone told said to check the wire harness plug behind the left fairing, so I did just that and sure enough as I pulled the fairing off the little rubber piece that is suppose to protect the plug spills out a bunch of water so whoever had the fairing off last had that turned in the position that would let it collect water, as I check the plug I notice of bunch of corrosion and there was a red wire completely disconnected so I cut it from the other side of the plug and hardwired it and sure enough the digital back light stuff started working , I’m basically asking what I should do with that whole plug being corroded like that and if there is any other wires on the verge of breaking what’s the best thing to do, thanks for any help guys I greatly appreciate it!
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That is unfortunate that the boot was installed upside down so it retained water.

I guess the only thing you can do at this point is clean it up as best you can and spray it with some anti-corrosion product. Coating everything with dielectric grease is also an option but I have had it work too well and cause connection problems itself.

The most frequent failure in that plug is the black/ white striped wire. It is the ground wire for all the nose electrics so there is a pretty good load on it.

There are sources for new pins and connectors if you want to go that route.
how well do you think it would go if I cut each wire one by one and use butt connectors and wire each one individually and just eliminate the plug all together?
^That's a gigantic kludge. Cutting up the harness is almost always a mistake. Clean things up as best you can. If that's not enough you can buy new contacts (and connector bodies if needed) and install them in place of the originals. If you're hell bent on hacking up the harness, a better way would be to replace the connector with a sealed connector such as is used in later years.
how well do you think it would go if I cut each wire one by one and use butt connectors and wire each one individually and just eliminate the plug all together?
If it was a super clean bike and you wanted to keep it original, replacing the connector and pins would be the way to go.

However, I'm not a purist when it comes to a machine I want to work and be trouble free. I would probably cut and solder the wires together with shrink tubing. The only reason for that connector is that you could unbolt the whole nose, unplug the connector and remove it all in one piece. In 10+ years, I've never needed to do that.

I'm not a big fan of butt connectors unless I have to. With vibration and flexing I've seen wires break at the crimp point.
where does the black and white ( the ground coming from the front electronics) wire go too? My pump won’t turn on and before I straight wired the clips the black one had had gotten burnt but when I wired them together I’m wondering if I sent that black-and-white to the ECU but I don’t know where the black and white wire goes can you please tell me thanks
B/w goes to battery negative.
But also connects to circuits for
Lap time counter
Speed sensor
Side stand switch
Multiple ecu pins
Rear light harness
Gear position switch
Cooling fan

at least on the 2011+ gsxr750 wiring diagram...
I found it burnt in the clip( left side harness , straight wired and shrink wrapped it , I know big mistake , could this bad ground cause fuel pump to not turn on?
There is nothing coming off the battary negative , where can check for shorts
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