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2008 08 Suzuki GSXR 600 K8 (Black)

Head bracket (part that holds the instrument panel)
Right side fairing (Mines has a crack on it but i would like to replace it)
Left side fairing (the bottom part that has suzuki on it, i already have that)
Left side air ram channel
Air Dam
Head light assembly


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Whats your situation. I have most of these pieces off of my gfs bike but most will have some scratches on em and some kinda bad. I can go through and figure out exactly whats in what kind of shape unless your looking for like new stuff. The head light assemply is good, missing one bolt hole that broke off, would be fine tho. I think I have both ram air ducts in good shape. The rest I can take pics of soon to post up about any way. Id let most of it go for next to nothing.

She had her bike less then a few months, took it a guy to have some decal work done, he decided to take it for a spin with out permission and wrecked it. A$$hole. Bikes back not and better then stock.
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